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Our Mission

Engineering Council is a union of engineering societies and committees dedicated to enriching the student collegiate experience through a distinctive array of programs and services. We aim to encourage academic, professional, and personal growth by offering leadership opportunities and fostering interdisciplinary relationships within the College of Engineering.

What We Do

​EC holds events that allow students to develop leadership skills and form productive relationships with staff members in the College of Engineering. We also encourage personal and societal achievement and build a sense of community among engineering students.

Several of our programs aim to show off the skills of Illinois engineering students to the campus, local community, and the general public. Examples of these events include: the Engineering Career Fairs (EXPO), the largest student-run science fair in the country (EOH), a week-long celebration of STEM (E-Week), and outreach programs that show high school students what engineering at Illinois has to offer (SITE and EOB).

Executive Board


Executive Board

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