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Programs and Committees

Want to join an EC Committee?


Engineering Employment EXPO

The EXPO Committee is responsible for planning the Engineering Employment Expo as well as other career opportunitties with Engineering Career Services.


Engineering Open House 

The EOH Committee is responsible for planning and running Engineering Open House, the largest student run science fair in the nation.


Engineer's Week

Held during National Engineers Week, E-Week at the UIUC is a week-long celebration of engineers and engineering that includes social events, competition, food, games, prizes, and more.


Engineering Professional Development Committee

ProDev hosts the EC Leadership Series, leadership workshops, and offers leadership consulting to any clubs in need of assistance in regards to their leadership structure.


Student Introduction to Engineering

The SITE Committee hosts a weekend-long outreach program for high school students to show them what is available here at University of Illinois.


Dean's Student Advisory Committee

DSAC brings the Deans of the College of Engineering and the student body together. Combined, they collaborate to improve UIUC's culture through a focus on inclusion, mental health, and transparency.


Engineering Outreach Bureau

EOB is committed to keeping the college the best it can be by organising events aimed towards prospective students interested in Engineering at Illinois.


Engineering Freshmen Council

Engineering Freshman Committee is made up of all the freshman student leaders.


Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the winners of the various awards bestowed by Engineering Council.


Social Affairs Committee

SAC is responsible for planning social events for engineering students like the annual Golf Scramble, Turkey Bowl, and Barn dance.


Service Committee

The Service Committee organises service and philanthropic events for the engineering community. These include drives, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.

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